swimming pool in the balconies

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Architects have made a splash with a bold design for new towers in Mumbai featuring swimming pools enclosed in glass instead of balconies. Known as Aquaria Grande

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Bandra Ohm residential building in Mumbai, India will feature large balconies with integrated swimming pools. Designed by world renowned architect James

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A self-described cybertect has designed a pair of apartment high-rises that feature balconies with swimming pools -- taking the infinity pool

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Mumbai’s Floating Balcony Pools. One of the most outstanding and eye-popping features of the facility includes a series of swimming pools placed within each

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The latest way that the super-rich are living better than all of us? They're getting swimming pools that also function as balconies. A planned 37-sto...

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If you ever wanted a swimming pool, most of the time you were thinking it should be built in the backyard, garden or indoor. But here are some pictures that will

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The Bandra Ohm, a residential high-rise in Mumbai, is offering the latest extravagance in luxury condos: a private balcony swimming pool in every unit. The

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Parinee Ism; All images: James Law Cybertecture Wouldn't be cool if... The poorest of design decisions have proceeded from those desperate late-night, caff...

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From swimming pools to a teacup shape, meet some incredible balcony designs. (cool balconies, amazing balconies)

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Arjaan by Rotana: Swimming pool in Balcony is all you will get - See 556 traveler reviews, 432 candid photos, and great deals for Arjaan by Rotana at