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a light, usually open building used for shelter, concerts, exhibits, etc., as in a park or fair. 2. any of a number of separate or attached buildings forming a hospital or the like.

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In architecture, a pavilion (from French pavillon, from Latin papilio) has several meanings. In architectural terminology it refers to a subsidiary building that is.

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Pavilion, light temporary or semipermanent structure used in gardens and pleasure grounds. Although there are many variations, the basic type is a large, light, airy garden room with a high-peaked roof resembling a canopy.

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Define pavilion. pavilion synonyms,. (Architecture) a building or temporary structure, esp one that is open and ornamental, for housing exhibitions. 4.

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Definition of pavilion for Students. 1 : a very large tent. 2 : a building usually with open sides that is used as a place for entertainment or shelter in a park or garden.

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Pavilion (structure) – a free standing structure near the main building or an ending structure on building wings.

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pavilion, In architecture, a pavilion (from French pavillon, from Latin papilio) has several meanings. In architectural terminology it refers to a subsidiary

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Definition of Pavilion in the dictionary. Meaning of Pavilion. What does Pavilion mean?. In architecture a pavilion has two primary meanings.

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Pavilion (structure), a type of building or similar structures such as chhatri, elevated, dome-shaped pavilions used in Indian architecture

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from The American Heritage? Dictionary of the English ,. In architecture:. The pavilion is designed to showcase the sights,.

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Pavilions Hong Kong students. This captioned movie shows how a team from the University of Hong Kong's architecture faculty created a pavilion from.

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Pavilion: Compendium of definitions and concepts Definition of Pavilion A Pavilion (pavilion in English and in French pavillon) comes from the French old paveillun.

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KJV Dictionary Definition: pavilion pavilion. PAVILION, n. pavil'yun. L. papilio, a butterfly, and a pavilion. 1.. In architecture, a kind of turret or building,.

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Pavilions are made for pleasure. A traveling circus takes place under a big colorful pavilion or billowing tent. A wedding might take place under a pavilion or freestanding decorative building in a garden. The word pavilion comes from the Latin papilionem meaning tent or literally butterfly..

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Pavilion definition: An ornate tent.; A light, occasionally ornamental roofed construction, useful for enjoyment or protection, as at areas or fairs: a picnic pavilion.;

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In architecture a pavilion (from French pavillon, from Latin papilio) has two primary meanings. It can refer to a free-standing structure sited a short distance from a main residence, or within a compound, typically whose architecture makes it an object of pleasure.

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More Than 2,000 Unique Robotically Manufactured Bricks Generate Variable Walls in This Pavilion; Interviews;. CHART ARCHITECTURE Competition's Finalists.