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I'm starting to plan out my deck and want to put a masonry fire pit on it. I would like to build it on top of the deck. Is there a way to insulate it from the wood

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Powered by propane, natural gas, gel fuel, or wood, fire pits are a stylish, practical way to warm up a backyard, patio, or deck. Before operating a fire pit on a

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Deck Out a Wooden Surface with a Fire Pit

Want to put your fire pit on a wooden surface but don't want to mark your patio or deck? Follow these tips to prevent damage to your wooden surface.

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Can you use a fire pit on a deck? Fire Pits for Decks. or bricks over a wooden deck. Another option is to build a pad by covering cement fiber board with tile.

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By implementing several precautions, homeowners can minimize the risk of placing a portable fire pit on a wood deck. Use masonry or a fire pad for deck safety.

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How to Build a Stone Fire Pit on a Wooden Deck. When making a fire pit on a wooden deck, fire safety must be a top priority. Making the fire pit out of stone can help

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Create a roaring backyard attraction with these tips on how to plan for building a fire pit a fire pit for your backyard, deck or Wood Burning Fire Pit

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BUILDING THE FIREPIT AND DECK: The earth around my cabin was my canvas and the rock and wood my leveled and herringboned fire brick for the pit floor.

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No longer will a wood deck with a grill do for many with a landscape professional or contractor designing and building it. Portable fire pits offer a lot of